Mother of Dragons

Being a Mother of Dragons is never an easy task. 

Teaching your fiery 'kids' to feed on flesh is one thing and it's another case to teach them not to drool over your people. Apart from that, your kids are big gems for those who've never seen a living dragon. Just like the people of Qath, lusting for the power of Fire.

I love Daenerys Targaryen so much. That's why I just made this rough sketch after reading a book from the Song of Fire and Ice Saga.

Life Update: Writer's Block :(

Bugger. It's been over a month or so since I've updated my blog.  I'm currently experiencing writer's block and it's awful. I just couldn't write the stuff I want to write on paper. Ideas just keep floating in my head but the words just doesn't dawn upon me. :( 
For lack of inspiration, ideas or a very busy student-teacher life,  I can't seem to write things down and this is basically why I'm now complaining. 

So in the meantime I'm doomed with words I'll be posting some stuff I made. At least this will keep my blog alive (a bit) T.T. Pray words will come back.  
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