of the Dead and Dreary

Curiously enough today was a bit weird. Thoughts and ideas naturally get inside my head but seldom do ideas of death and decay comes to mind while i'm sitting in a crowded room waiting for my transaction to be entertained.

It happened all so suddenly when some old lady went entered the door, took a claim slip and asked for a priority number. Since the small space was already crowded with people she tried to squeeze in beside us who were also waiting for our turn.  I was now sandwhiched between two older women the other a little grubby and that woman, casually dressed but was decent enough to sit with.

I tend to tilt my head and slouch my back whenever I wait. And by instinct usually I prefer leaning towards the better person beside me. and PaH!.. something was weird.. i smelled that awful scent of death in her.  T________________________T 
God of all heavens just make me disappear. 
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Once someone said, the feeling of pain is a form of blessing. 
With that you bleed. With that you could feel.  With that you know: You're Human.

image not mine....(though I wish I were given one.)
just a simple tribute to  my loss. -_- 


Question is.. which one to do first...?? -_____-