11:11 Reflection

The youthful love affair will eventually die down. Sweet messages turn regular, not every piece of step or activity is carefully reported to you, temper tantrums begin, and extreme mood swings erupt.  You both talk of day to day living, nothing romantic. You both talk of problems and work  and how it is to be the next day. 

Basically all these stuff seem platonic and non magical. A teenage love affair would never like that. However, later on you'll realize, it's because you've known each other so well that instead of crowning each other with sweets, cakes and hearts you cover each other with your comfort, support, and most of all love. That's when you realize the real essence of being together it's relationship unlike the Knight in Shining Armor Protecting Miss Damsel in Distress but rather it's teamwork, partnership: how you both work together to create harmony in a chaotic real world.   

The Street Dancer of Memories

I'm gonna make this pretty quick ( having had no plans to write but then the feeling sank in me). Just a heads up before reading: This is a bit childish and personal than my usual self. Here goes:

Stagnation vs. Transience

The longer you remain in one place the harder it is for you to move out.

The fact has been proven by many people, young and old, who have dwelt for so long in one place that it has served them enough to be a comfort zone. Well who says comfort zones are easy to let go? Seldom do people find a place to comfortably lay their heads so why leave when you have found such spot, such haven?

Thing is life is transient. Progress comes with transience. Nothing should stay as is. Everything should develop to achieve a better state in life. So do we who have gone through years of existing within the walls of the schools. Sooner or later we have to find our own separate ways and exercise what we've picked up from the classroom.

Admit it or not, schools are partly comfort zones for the learning mind. They get all the learning, have deadlines to meet, have schedules for each subject and even have food in the cafeteria which by the way need not be produced from our personal efforts. By the time the institution kicks their graduates off to the world, there reality bites. There are no schedules, no ready in hand money to buy all we need, no deadlines to meet and everything relies on our efforts to strive for gain and progress.

If you want money you need work. And work is so not easy to find nowadays. We have choices, decisions and sacrifices to make to enter the real world. That's why comfort zones never last too. Eventually we'll have to let them go or they will spew us out because you're not moving forward.


Attachment Issues 101

Sometimes those fears of becoming hurt being too close with someone remains a mere idea. At one moment in your life you might have wondered why the dread has  disappeared. Like a whisp of wind the feeling has vanished in thin air. Is it because you’ve fallen out of love/liking for that person or is it something else, a feeling of confidence? Eventually you realize the passion is still there, alive and kicking. At that point you begin to realize you’ve already allowed yourself to be hurt and now you’re  merely at the stage of passing or failing it.

Our fears of attachment isn’t so dreadful at all. Feel, fight and survive! :)