Living in a Two Faced World: Character Review and Thoughts

Having an ugly, despicable, grotesque kind countenance speaks more truth than a damned, twisted soul dressed in beauty.... 

Those words basically sum up the entire aftermath feeling I go through once I've come to the last page of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by R.L.Stevenson. It reminds me so much of epic characters like Gollum/Smeagol, Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Grey, and  Edgar Allan Poe's characters, etc. who lived double lives to shush up their considerably selfish, twisted souls. 

Most people call Hyde and Jekyll's case schizophrenia but I don't think anyone could sum up that experience to a mere biological disease. His shifts in countenance was more dug down deep towards his soul.

Semesteral Wrap Up

Finally the sem has ended. I mean I just submitted grades and hopefully, my students will smile with what they will see. But those are for the students who made efforts to do their tasks. For the record, I'm basically very lenient as a teacher, that is for this batch and for an English 3 course.  So there are no reasons whatsoever to fail in this subject because LOL it's an oral comm. class.

Sad to say, there are really those who are just too lazy to even lift a finger. Obviously their grades have permanently settled at the bottom of the cliff nearing six feet beneath the ground.   Like this guy here:  digging his grave (grade) instead of climbing on top (not to mention sleeping on a good day)...

Witty Students and A Happy Teacher

the messy table where the red ink spills
So I was checking papers, practically wrapping up what's left of the semester (I can't wait for this job to be done).  seriously being a teacher is not easy from papers, lesson plans and appearances that you make every day it takes so much energy in you that by the end of the day you're dead tired even if you only had just two class a day. How much more an entire week of full scheduled teaching. 

Anyway, now back to checking papers. I was giving grades for one assignment which they submitted. Basically it was an easy assignment--a checklist and a very short essay about how daily conversations become essential  for us individuals.   I particularly told them not to make their answers so long to lessen their agony as medical students (well you know, they are more science than language majors so the general idea is that they find a hard time explaining things in words and paper especially when it is essay).  

Basically, my two Oral Communication classes had practically gave the same answer in a very short short and only a few answers did impress me well  here goes: