When Life Makes A Doormat Out of You

Pain, the more people try to talk you out of it the more it hurts. If at one point it seems you have just gotten through the elements of despair there goes another tease and it pulls you back where you once started. The thing is you will never be free until you’ve let yourself go and stop being that ‘doormat’ people keep stepping on. Your voice becomes unheard. You simply say yes. You cry in your bed at night hoping you would just die because the people around you wants you to just $#%*^@! OBEY. ( excuse my language but cursing helps relieve the anger.)

There is a time to be nice;  yes. But there are certain things one has to act consciously not to seem as if you are totally agreeing with one person. It’s a totally different story when one goes crying and immediately saying yes in surrender than one who gets to explain and fight for their side.

True. A guardian’s  or a master’s care wants you to keep of the tracks of danger. They do not want you to get wet in the rain but regardless life never thrown us here to just follow what others have done. Life threw us here so that we might discover how unique we are from one another. Until we understand that we never are going to get out of our shell. Some of us die inside never getting the chance to come out. 

You have to eventually get out that protective raincoat if you want to enjoy the rain and get sick as you may be but what the hell! Thing is you got to experience rain. 

So, stop being a doormat. Stop being that ‘obedient’ little kid people think you are. You’re an adult now so live up to what you think is best for you and self-discovery. It’s a scary path but once you make that first step out you’ll find your other foot will follow, leading you to place where you are supposed to be. 


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