Ch- Ch- Changes

It's high time for change, but change refuses to give itself freely to me. There are battles I have to win every now and then just to see me do something different. Perhaps, that's why many people dream of change and yet remain the same.

What is a promise to oneself: never to commit to an act that shouldn't be and yet fall off the chair, dwindling down to taste the sweet flavor of its temptation?

What is a resolve that gets defeated barely halfway to the battlefield?

What is a "YES" when just before leaving one entertains doubt? 

Truly, humans are weak. All are the same--a victim to one's own desires; a slave of pleasure, easily drawn to what pleases them. It takes only a little bit of flattery and people give in. A little tease saying, "just a drop", there's nothing wrong with that, so one gives in. 

Sighs...... so how do you expect change when people refuse to start the big step?

I am starting to get sick looking at the endless cycle of self-promises that barely come to pass. Looking at people commit the same mistake over and over. And I am also sick of having that same predictable air of lectures and reasons that barely answer, "why do your resist to accept change?"

sighs........ perhaps, change would be easy if people just do not resist but many do and these resistances also affect other people wanting change. It works like an endless cycle of a domino effect where all the chips sequentially fall further down to nothingness and stagnation because again, To CHANGE is yet a No no.

Perhaps, I could reach change if I start leaving the place where comfort tries to lullaby me all the time. Perhaps, being in a place where strangers are everywhere would help me establish a change for the better, freedom at its best and definitely a fluid motion of life finally coming through.


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