Meeting Emily in the Moors


I've come across many books that touches the darkest side of the human soul and the Gothic; still, my personal taste tells me nothing yet compares to Emily Brontë​'s one and only novel, Wuthering Heights--maybe because of Catherine and Heathcliff’s powerfully doomed characters or because of their eternal bond that surpasses this life and defies the next,  that I always find myself re-reading the book.

This is the only book the wonderful lady left us 197 years ago and yet it is a masterpiece that talks of love and doom all at one time. There’s nothing lovely with either Catherine (except for her beautiful face) or Heathcliff but everyone who comes across these two characters learns to love them. As to Why is something only the readers can tell.  

I remember re-enacting one major Catherine Earnshaw dialogue in our Public Speaking class. I had to repetitively recite the lines till I could hear the book nagging at me. And yet, the magic of the author’s words continues to enthrall me till today.  It’s eerie and dark atmosphere is that powerful to me that I keep on lingering in between pages as a Linus carries his comfort blanket. Unusual choice but Wuthering Heights is a book that I would live with for the rest of my life.

And so I wonder what life would be if Emily Bronte and the Bronte sisters were not born........ I think it wouldn’t be as complete as having them around. :)

Happy Happy 197 Birthday Emily Bronte!!    


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