Stumbling into Multiplicity with the Gothic

Days have passed and I am still stuck with my paper. But whenever I find back my zone I thrive at the solitude and the eeriness which I often have neglected due to work, friends and sometimes even in dates.
Julia Round I use the as my main reference text

Just then It occurred to me that people often think of dead, death, supernatural and the unknown when talking about the Gothic. But I also realized that it is the best zone for writers to write -- the zone of troubles, and despair. I then realized that where there is rotting and decay, there can still be life..

The hours pass as I flip through the pages and the pages talk back to me. Asking me the same questions. "Who are you?", Why are you in hiding?, "What has kept you hidden?", "Why do you smile when you frown deep down?" Was it super-nature that has pushed you to the abyss in the dark that hiding seems natural now, or is it society, indifference, feign ignorance, or familiarity?

These questions cross my mind as I study duality, multiplicity, living-dead, haunting, mourning of what is lost, and excitement of what is to be. I often cover my head with my dark blanket when I get these emotions of confusion whether to continue venturing the world around me or to climb back to my odd little tower where I was supposed to be 5 years ago.

Do not fret dear reader whoever you are. I have not lost it. I have just embraced the fact that writing for me require my agony and despair, often a little touch of delirium caused by the multi-facet experiences life choices have brought down on me.

As I continue through my paper....... some part in me has been shedded light upon. And I fear it is becoming quite known.

I tremble at the idea of having to read and study the gothic book for it shines light to all the masks I have worn through life and the fears of despair, the hidden corridors of my mind and agony I have long kept through the years of living - internal monologue


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